Sunday, 30 March 2014

Prof. Georgios Anagnostou's Lecture on Face Stability

50th Lecture day of the 2nd Level Specializing Masters in Tunnelling course and the Last day of  ITACET Training Seminar (28th March '14)  was presented by Prof. Georgios Anagnostou from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Prof. Anagnostou's lecture was focused on Tunnel face instability in soil and the potential hazards related to it. Professor explained the idealized failure mechanism (wedge in front of face + prismatic body extending upto the surface based on Horm 1961) of face instability using model tests and the derivation of limit equilibrium equations for calculation of support pressure. 

Prof. Anagnostou's Lecture on Face Stability
Professor also gave examples of face stability calculation using Limit Equilibrium equations and based on monograms.

Examples of Support Face Pressure Calculation using LEM Approach


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